Blood Promise. Tandem Oath. Prophecy. Curse. 

Draxler Druen’s life has always been dictated by violence and ancient magic, and his victory against Mathieu Valentine at his wedding turned deathmatch is no different. But what was supposed to fulfill the prophecy and put an end to the Lord Elder Rose’s machinations against the original Blood Oath has only given way to something much worse : revenge.

Dreamcatcher. Kingmaker. The Queen Without a Crown. 

Valkyrie Valentine is used to being a mere puppet in other people’s games. Ever since she married King Dagon, she has been forced to play a game of cat and mouse at the Vesperian Court, competing for his elusive affections alongside another woman. But when she learns of her brother’s death at Draxler’s hands, all pretenses of civility are off : she won’t rest until his head is mounted on the castle walls’, even if she has to start another war to have it. 

Angel Knight. Half-blood. Bastard. 

When Ren Romero wakes up from his magically induced coma at the Vesperian Pits’ infirmary, his life as he knows it has already gone up in flames. With one of his best-friend’s dead, and another about to stand trial for the murder of an Elderchild, surviving a brutal deathmatch seems to be the least of his problems. But a single, unplanned encounter with the Blessed Queen Valkyrie manages to change everything yet again ー suddenly, he’s the only one capable of dealing with King Calasin Serkovia, the winged demigod who just might hold the key to ending Dagon’s war. 

Liar. Murderess. Monster.

Azalea Rose knows better than anyone what it’s like to be unloved. Hated by her father since birth, resented by Draxler because of the Tandem Oath, she feels as though she has no one to turn to. To make matters worse, the threat of Draxler being executed threatens to destroy her ー she would do anything to save him, even if it means playing right into Dagon’s hands. The king of the Deadlands offers her a terrible deal in exchange for Draxler’s life. If she accepts, Draxler will be banished to the Endless Plains, with the threat of death ever on the horizon and his hatred of her constant in his heart, and if she refuses, the love of her life will cease to exist. 

Blood. Angels. Death. Magic. 

In the end, all of four of them will be unmade. The only question is who will remain unbroken. 

{Disclaimer : I do not own the rights to the photo. Retrieved from : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3c/3a/2c/3c3a2c7a26e0677346347932885a52cd.jpg}

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