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“There has never been a time when black was beautiful. Least of all now.”  # The year is 1965. The Jim Crow Laws have finally ended, and Bourbons Academy for the children of the rich and powerful is forced to accept its first batch of dark skinned students. But the Academy isn’t about to let… Continue reading WHEN BLACK WAS BEAUTIFUL


Angel N’Da  is an upstart black teen from downtown Toronto with a pocket full of dreams. When she lands a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with renowned photographer Amanda Collins and her troop of supermodels for the Black is Beautiful movement, she never expects to meet Adonis Mendeles, the light skinned king of… Continue reading BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS


Blood. Grit. Honour.  Those are the Guardian’s Guild words. For the past five years, trapped in the underground Vesperian fighting Pits designed to turn even the most innocent of boys into hardened killers, that witless mantra is all that Draxler Druen has ever known. Light, warmth, and love have all become things of the past.… Continue reading OF BLOOD AND ROSES


Blood Promise. Tandem Oath. Prophecy. Curse.  Draxler Druen’s life has always been dictated by violence and ancient magic, and his victory against Mathieu Valentine at his wedding turned deathmatch is no different. But what was supposed to fulfill the prophecy and put an end to the Lord Elder Rose’s machinations against the original Blood Oath… Continue reading OF BLOOD AND ANGELS

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