“There has never been a time when black was beautiful. Least of all now.” 


The year is 1965. The Jim Crow Laws have finally ended, and Bourbons Academy for the children of the rich and powerful is forced to accept its first batch of dark skinned students. But the Academy isn’t about to let just any black girl or boy stay within its pristine halls — they have to be la créme de la noire, and even that might not be enough. 

Three students from the wrong side of the tracks achieve the highest scores on the Academy’s infamous entrance exam in history一Anita Velasquez, Jezebel Luna, and Tyrell Agarro一but that’s only part of the test. 

If they can survive eight weeks at Bourbons, they are free to stay. Fail, drop out, or die at the hands of their fellow students, and the Academy remains as white and clean as can be. 

Nothing can prepare Anita, Jezza, and Tyrell for the battleground that awaits them at Bourbons, just as nothing can prepare Anita to find an ally, and perhaps love, in Leck Munroe.

 If even the white king’s son can sympathize with their struggle, then the four of them can forge a new kingdom together, one where black is beautiful. 

Or perhaps history will simply repeat itself, and they’ll all die trying. 

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